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Site investigation

At AM Environmental our experienced environmental scientists and engineers can  implement a comprehensive site investigation for a specific pollution spill incident.

A comprehensive site investigation should quickly delineate both the vertical and horizontal extent of the contaminant, while also identifying the specific risks as with future potential impact to receptors such as human health, buildings, controlled waters, third party property and the environment.

Site investigations undertaken by AM Environmental are undertaken in accordance with BS10175 – Investigation of potentially contaminated sites. We provide a full range of site investigation techniques including;

  • Window sampling
  • Trial pitting
  • Concrete coring
  • Auger sampling
  • Soil, water, air sampling and analysis
  • VOC surveys
  • Monitoring installations
  • Track mounted windowless sampling
  • Rotary drilling

Risk assessment 

Once a comprehensive site investigation has been undertaken with the contaminant plume identified, a conceptual site model which is site specific will be established. In the context of land contamination there are three essential elements to any risk; a source, a receptor and a pathway. Each of these elements can exist individually but they only represent a risk when they are linked together, so that a particular contaminant affects a particular receptor through a particular pathway. This kind of linked combination of source/receptor/pathway is described as a pollutant linkage.

Once the conceptual site model is established, an appraisal with the most practical and cost efficient remediation strategy will be complied and recommended for remediation. AM Environmental have their own site specific remediation target criteria established which will make sure the remediation works undertaken will mitigate the risks to the identified receptors. If there is a spill incident with no pollution linkage, our team has the experience and confidence to validate a site on investigation findings. Consult with our team of competent and reliable experts today to find out more about our site investigation practices.

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T. Foley, Kilkenny.