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What To Do if Your Oil Tank Leaks?

The majority of homes in Ireland use home heating oil as their primary heating source. If you use oil at your domestic premises you should prioritise its safe storage.

Many homeowners don’t know what to do if their oil tank or boiler leaks at home. A heating oil tank leak can be stressful to rectify and can cause significant environmental and property damage.


How to Clean Up a Domestic Home Heating Oil Leak

If you store, use, transport, manufacture, or fill products like oil, you are responsible for the safe and appropriate containment of that substance.


It is also your responsibility to ensure that the substance is not released into the environment. If you have an oil tank at your home, the clean up of a domestic home heating oil leak falls under your responsibility. 

Heating Oil Leak in the Garden | What to Do!

Having a plan in place in the event of a heating oil leak in your garden can help mitigate potential environmental damage, and save you a lot of time and money along the way.

Timely action on behalf of the property owner will help to reduce the third-party property damage as well as reducing restoration costs.

I had an oil spill from our range within our kitchen. AM Environmental did such a wonderful job. I would have no hesitation in recommending Seamus and his team

K. O’Leary, Co. Kerry.