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Environmental remediation refers to processes that reduce radiation exposure from waste storage, contaminated soil, or other related contaminated infrastructure. The purposes of these processes is to return the affected areas to a safe and stable condition for public use. Once a comprehensive site investigation has been undertaken with the contaminant plume identified, a conceptual site model which is site specific will be established. In the context of land contamination there are three essential elements involved in the remediation techniques; a source, a receptor and a pathway.
Each of these elements can exist individually but they only pose a risk when they are linked together, so that a particular contaminant affects a particular receptor through a particular pathway. This kind of linked combination of source/receptor/pathway is described as a pollutant linkage.

Once the conceptual site model is established, an appraisal with the most practical and cost-efficient remediation strategy will be complied and recommended for remediation. 

Our service includes

AM Environmental employs technically experienced scientists and engineers with a great reputation and a proven track record for providing some of the most advanced cost-effective techniques when it comes to the remediation of contaminated land. Our practical approach is based on in-house developed technical equipment and solutions which put us at the forefront of the remediation industry. The techniques we use are site-specific for any given pollution spill incident, which include:

  • In-situ chemical oxidation
  • In-situ bioremediation
  • Single Vacuum Extraction
  • Dual Vacuum Extraction
  • Vacuum Enhanced Free Phase Recovery
  • Abstraction and multi-phase treatment
  • Extraction and licensed disposal
  • Air Sparging
  • Active and Passive venting systems
  • Barriers

I would highly recommend AM Environmental. They are professional at what they do.

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